Quality Management at Med First

Putting a high priority on quality healthcare means ensuring that your Med First healthcare team works with you to prevent illness and improve your long-term wellness. We focus on healthcare services where improvements can make a meaningful difference in your life for now, and for your future. 

This means focusing on prevention and screening. Some of the preventative tests and health screenings that we keep in focus are cancer screenings such as colorectal and breast cancer, weight assessment and nutritional counseling, screening and controlling high blood pressure, diabetes, screening and management of depression and antidepressant medications, as well as ensuring access to healthcare in order to minimize unneeded visits to the ER.  

We do this by coordinating and scheduling your annual check-ups, lab work, screening tests, appointment reminders, and medication refills.

In short, the focus of the Quality Department at Med First is you! We do our best to ensure that you receive excellent healthcare and that we keep you on schedule for important preventative screenings as well as routine physicals and anything in between!

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