Telemedicine and Telehealth

Telemedicine (or sometimes referred to as Telehealth) is the use of videoconferencing or other forms of digital communication to provide medical appointments from a distance, allowing you to talk to a healthcare Provider from anywhere you have an internet connection. It is an online-only way to virtually connect with a Med First provider from any mobile device or computer with a webcam through the HIPAA compliant Updox virtual visit platform.

Med First’s Telemedicine:
  • Is easy to Use
  • Requires no App download
  • Works anywhere, on any device with a browser
  • Includes Video Chat & SMS/Secure Texting
  • Is HIPAA compliant
  • You can have a Telemedicine Appointment at any location

Med First’s online visits are secure and offer answers to your healthcare questions or concerns within the comfort of your home, whether for convenience or if you cannot get to an in-clinic visit with your Med First Provider. If you are in need of an in-person primary or urgent care visit, we have 23 locations available to serve you.

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