Practice Acquisition

Are You Thinking About Selling Your Family Practice or Urgent Care?

Med First Primary & Urgent Care, a premier provider group delivering value-based, primary care services in North and South Carolina, is seeking to partner with local primary care practices that share the same clinical vision and enjoy a strong reputation in their communities. Together, we will continue serving our communities by providing additional access to high-quality healthcare.

We have partnered with a national leader in building and operating ACOs, to ease the burden of transitioning to value-based care. This partnership reduces financial uncertainty and ensures Med First practices have access to the necessary resources for a seamless transition and continued improvements.

We are looking to partner with doctors and practices with a mission, vision, and values aligned with our own, a desire to provide excellent health outcomes, and a belief that every patient deserves to live a healthy and productive life.

To receive more information on our partnership models, complete this brief form, and our partnership team will reach out for an introductory call.