Med First can help you prepare.
We offer the COVID – 19 testing that is required for travel.

If you are planning an international trip, you will need to know the entry requirements of that country as well as the rules for re-entry to the U.S.
Travel sites, such as Sherpa (travel and health restrictions) can guide you to the information you need for COVID-19 test requirements, quarantine protocols, and entry/exit restrictions. You can also go to the CDC’s travel recommendation page at

Once you know which test you need, Med First can help you prepare by offering the required tests that will allow you to travel anywhere in the world.

There are two different types of tests – diagnostic tests and antibody tests.
Diagnostic tests can show if you currently have an active COVID-19 infection and need to take steps to quarantine or isolate yourself from others.
The types of diagnostic tests available are molecular and antigen. These tests are either rapid which means they are processed and resulted in the clinic while you wait, or they are swabs that are sent to an outside laboratory for processing.

Med First offers the following diagnostic testing:

Rapid COVID Molecular (NAAT) – This test is a nasal swab that is processed in the clinic during your appointment, typically producing results in about 20 minutes. This test will show if you have a current Covid-19 infection and is offered at all Med First locations.

COVID PCR – This test is a molecular point-of-care test that uses a nasal swab to detect unique proteins from the virus that causes COVID-19. This test rules out if you have a current infection and is typically considered more sensitive than the Antigen test. This test is sent to Quest laboratories for processing and results may take 1-3 days. Med First offers this test at select locations.

Rapid COVID PCR (coming soon to select locations) – This test is a nasal or throat swab that is taken and processed in the clinic while you wait. This test is a rapid test which means that it produces results in about 20 minutes. The benefit of this test is that it is typically considered more sensitive than the antigen test but does not have to be sent to an outside lab.

Rapid Antibody tests look for antibodies in your immune system that are produced after about 2-3 weeks, in response to you being infected with the virus that causes COVID-19. Antibody tests are not used to diagnose an active COVID-19 infection. These tests use a blood sample from your fingertip, (which is similar to having your blood sugar checked), and produce results in about 20 minutes. This test is offered at all locations.

Summer is coming and many of us are planning to get together with friends and family, or finally, enjoy international travel again. At Med First, we do our best to meet your needs by offering you the healthcare services you need. We offer Covid-19 testing as well as the Covid-19 vaccine in many of our locations.

Be informed, stay prepared, and get ready for summer fun by taking the precautions needed to keep you and your family healthy.

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